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 Social media recruit.

Use the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more to drive candidates to employment opportunities.




Why use us?

  • Simply - we manage social media recruitment professionally in carefully selected online communities.

  • We are unique and prominent in social media search for thousands of job related search terms worldwide. Type “jobs” into Facebook to discover how prominent we are in the search results. Nobody else has this.

  • We are experts in creating Facebook ads for jobs.

  • We carefully manage campaigns and engage with the audience using our trusted brand and expert team.

  • We have hundreds of Facebook “jobs in" pages connected to thousands of local groups and managed on a daily basis.

  • We have millions of registered followers of our social media accounts and with advanced targeting tools, we can reach up to sixteen million people in the UK.

  • Social media tools enable easy sharing and referrals for job posts.

  • Unlike a typical job board you can reach an active and passive audience with social media posts and spread the word very quickly.

73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job through social media and Facebook has become the go to place for recruiters to target a local audience.

270 towns and cities in 29 countries

1.4 million followers on Facebook and Instagram


The common questions about recruiting on Facebook.

  • Your marketing department is reluctant to post job content on the company Facebook page.

  • You do not want to post jobs connected to your personal social media account.

  • You are concerned about the impact negative comments could have on your employer brand.

  • Your brand does not connect with job seekers and you are struggling to achieve results.

83% of job seekers prefer Facebook over any other social network. (Jobvite)


Accelerate the growth of your employer brand using Instagram. 

Reach a new audience with Instagram marketing.


  • Create powerful Instagram advertising campaigns.

  • Create stunning content that really stands out.

  • Use our tools to leverage the power of Instagram advertising.

  • Manage the campaign and candidate communication if required.

  • Find job seekers through advanced targeting.

  • Provide full reporting.

  • No long term contracts or hidden fees. Simple credit pricing system.

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Build a powerful employer promotion on YouTube and Facebook.

We love to talk.

 Messenger & WhatsApp.

We love to talk.

Create Bots, Messenger lists and broadcast to your subscribers.


  • Automate recruitment communication with Bots.

  • Build Messenger lists.

  • Broadcast to targeted subscribers.

  • No long term contracts or hidden fees.

  • Simple credit based pricing system.

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